Sinske Analytics




We are specialist GIS consultants for Spatial Data Analysis (since 1997).

Our main fields are:

  • Municipal Services

  • Civil/Environmental Engineering

With focus on processing/analyzing spatial data and developing software solutions (including online Help Documentation) for:

  • Water/Sewer Reticulation Systems Modeling and Maintenance

  • Urban/Regional Planning and Services Maintenance

We are also active in other fields where spatial data plays a key role such as Farming, Tourism, Emergency Response (Drive Time Analysis), Business Analytics (Retail Store Location Planning) and are open to explore new application fields.

We currently operate in North America and Southern Africa, but planning to expand globally (esp. into Europe).


Dr. Stefan Sinske
B.Ing (Civil) (Stell), M.Sc. (cum laude), PhD (Geography & Environmental Studies) (Stell)

Sinske Analytics